£10 off Introductory offer for August

If you are currently in pain or discomfort and it is preventing you from being as active as you would like and importantly stopping you from getting out and making the most of the lovely Summer we are having then consider booking a first appointment.

You will have a full evaluation and treatment session. It takes approximately 60 mins.

I use a highly effective combination of Functional exercise therapy and Osteopathy.

Osteopath Kingston

3D functional movement and osteopathy

It reduces pain quickly, increases joint movement and importantly gives you the strategies to help prevent the pain returning. please take the time to read some of my patient reviews on Facebook or Google reviews.

A first appointment is normally £60 so for the month of August it will be £50.

You can book online

or call 0208 226 3767 to make your first appointment and together we can start to get you back to your best so you can make the most of the Summer.