Summer ‘Sunbeam’ Offer- EXPIRED

First consultation and treatment plus a further follow up session £90 (normally £105)

1st AppointmentIf you are currently in pain and it is preventing you from being more active and making the most of the better weather then this could really help.

Alternatively you may have niggling pain that just won’t go away and you want it gone before the Summer holidays start or you go on holiday.


Get rid of pain before the holidays start

An initial consultation and treatment and a further follow up session for £90.

  • Identify the cause the pain
  • Expertly treat muscles and joints to improve joint health and muscle tone and reduce pain
  • Provide exercises and advice to support you and help maintain the flexibility you need
  • Access to The Therapeutic Exercise channel on Youtube after your first treatment

All you need to do is…

  • Book your first treatment session by the 31st July 2019
  • You can take the follow up session before 31st August 2019
  • And pay for the two treatments at the end of the first appointment.

You can either book online or call on 0208 226 3767.

Alternatively, you might be to get rid of long term aches and pains. These may have been preventing you from being as active as you would like. You can use this offer to start you off on the road to recovery.

Hopefully you’ll find this offer really useful so you can make the most of the Summer.



Recharge and Re-energize Offer ready for Christmas- EXPIRED

If you feel , like many of us do, that you are exhausted by the time Christmas comes then a Recharge could really help.

Designed to recharge and re-energise tired, fatigued and over-worked muscles and joints. It will help you to feel refreshed and ready for the weeks ahead.

Osteopath Kingston

3D functional movement and osteopathy

It combines therapeutic massage to improve circulation to muscles with muscle and joints articulation and functional exercise therapy

You can choose between 30 and 45 minute appointments

Recharge 30- 30 minutes for £35 (normally £45)

Recharge 45 – 45 minutes for £45 (normally £65)

You must book before Saturday 1st December and have the treatment before 31st December 2018 .

You can book online 

Just select either Recharge 30 or Recharge 45

Alternatively  call on 0208 226 3767 and quote Recharge 30 or 45 for the offer.