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Based on 17 reviews
Suzy Dittmar
Hugo is very skilled, personable, empathic and keen to help you get better. His advice for exercises and lifestyle adjustments in between sessions was easy to follow and as helpful as the osteopathic interventions themselves. Highly recommended!
Chene Smith
I went to Hugo for a shoulder injury, and I am now pain free. I had four sessions, and with each one I noticed a massive improvement. He gave me exercises and tips I could follow at home, and by following these and attending the sessions I’m happy to say my shoulder is healed. I would highly recommend him
Dave Bees
I went to see Hugo with acute lower back pain and he quickly and effectively found the reasons and worked on helping getting me back playing football. He also built me a programme of exercise to help sort my long-term issues.Hugo is a very knowledgable and approachable osteopath and I can highly recommend his professionalism to anyone. Thanks Hugo!
Ben Ireson
David Scott
I went to see Hugo as I had developed both Upper and Lower Back Pain that had built up over time. The pain was inhibiting me from playing golf comfortably, as well as running. Hugo was able to quickly identify the source of the pain and apply treatment as well as giving me some exercises to take away and work on daily. Along talking me through the exercises in person, Hugo also provided video links to the exercises which were very handy and were there as a resource to call upon if/when needed. To be able to identify, manage and treat the source of the back pain has greatly help me to continue the forms of exercising the pain was previously preventing me from doing
Samantha Di Mond
Koren Gamble
I went to Hugo with extreme back pain and am thoroughly pleased with the treatment I received. Hugo was brilliant at not only treating me during my visits, but also providing me with exercises to do at home to keep the pain at bay. Can't recommend enough.
Steve Gunn
I had suffered with lower back ache for a couple of years and seen a chiropractor, a sports masseuse and through the NHS had a back X-ray. Nothing seemed to help and I’d pretty much been told it was something, due to my age, that I’d have to learn to live with and manage.Not willing to accept that I sought a treatment with Hugo. In the initial consultation Hugo undertook a full body assessment which is when he noticed my right hip was very tight and suspected my lower back was taking over and doing the work the hip should be doing which was why it was getting over used and tired, tight and aching.In that first treatment he worked on my right leg and hip loosing it all off and gave me a set of exercises to do daily.From that day on my lower back ache has got better and better to the point that it’s pretty much gone.After just one treatment!We did have a follow up but just to make sure the hip stayed loose and I was doing the correct movements for the exercises I’d been given.Based on that I couldn’t recommend Hugo enough and hope others get to benefit from his insight as much as I have.
Charlotte Montag
Hugo is an outright miracle worker - I went to him with a strained neck and an impinged tendon. With 2 treatments and following his recommendations and I was pain free in a few days.
James Lonsdale
Preparing for a significant cycling sportive in a short space of time left me with some painful tension due to stiffness down my right side. After a combination of exercises, acupuncture and deep work on problem muscles I am know in much better shape and able to continue training without discomfort. Hugo took the time to understand my circumstances, not only of my training but also my general lifestyle situation before deciding on the best course of action. I wholeheartedly recommend Hugo if you have similar issues, whether sports related or not.
Giancarlo Mosetti
I have had chronic pain for 2 years before seeing Hugo. I had tried many things: physiotherapy, lumbar injection, acupuncture and massage. Some worked to a certian extent but I always reached a point in which they were not improving things further. Hugo, on top of alleviating my symptoms with some very good treatments, clearly explained what my main problem was and introduced me to some exercises that did magic. I'm not still a"normal" person but my life has improved massively and I will never thank him enough.
Hugo, is a consummate professional who has introduced me to new techniques to alleviate stiffness in various areas of my body.
Eric Eric
Hugo recently treated my wife , Maureen for Sciatica on the right sideThis is a terrible condition , and very painfulHugo sorted this out very quicklyA big thank you to Hugo who is an excellent Osteopathand we would definitely recommend him
Stagecoach Kingston and Surbiton
I had a month of severe lower back and hip pain prior to my appointment with Hugo. Tried sports massages, another osteo and acupuncture and nothing helped. I don't know what Hugo did exactly but I felt almost completely right the moment I walked out of the treatment room! Highly recommended!
Ben Marshall
I have a number of issues with various parts of my body, neck, back, knees. Hugo not only solves any issues as they arise but also provides excercises and guidance to stop issues arising again in the future. This week I managed to cause myself a knee injury through running, I was in a lot of pain while walking. After seeing Hugo the pain is all gone and the knee feels great. I highly recommend Hugo, but I hope not too many people go in case I can't get an appointment! I would also add that there is never any pressure to have more sessions than is needed, as I have experienced in the past from other places.
Pjand Sons
I dont believe in quick fixes but i was in agony with my lower back and had to drive to croatia so thought i had nothing to lose. So glad i went after only 3 treatments i felt a big relief. And since following the exercises my back feels stronger. Thank you once again peter
Hamish Thoburn
I recently gave myself a hip injury through weight training that restricted the movement in my hip. Hugo Firth at the Osteopathy Partnership gave me an excellent and articulate appraisal of my injury and manipulated it back into its correct position. I have been back training for 2 months now and have had no further problems. A truly professional service.