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Based on 98 reviews
Leila Frances
Hugo is a very experienced practitioner who was able to advise me of some simple exercises that have alleviated the problems I was experiencing in my knee. His manner is really kind and calm and I would recommend Hugo to anyone with an injury, niggle or concerns.
Jack Matthews
Warm and friendly service, with detailed yet understandable breakdown of the extent of my injury. Provided positive support throughout the process too.
Veselin Todorov
Great professional! Very good attitude! He really wants to help your recovery, not just take your money! I recommend it!Thank you, Hugo!
Hugo was highly recommended to me. He does not disappoint! His treatment of an extremely painful shoulder strain caused by bad posture at the computer has meant I have been able to return to work. His advice and tailored exercises are excellent and given in a kind, practical and accessible way. I am now doing daily exercises he demonstrated and will keep them up as I feel the benefits.
Matt Rowntree
Hugo has been fantastic help. In just a few short sessions he has significantly improved my issues. Will happily return when my body inevitably breaks again!
ben fure
Hugo is a total pro . He understands the human body with pin point accuracy and has the knowledge needed to fix the issues you present him with . I’m very grateful and impressed with the help he gave me . Highly recommend you give himA try
Rosie Cranfield
Hugo was recommended by a friend as I put my back out. I have scolioses of the lumbar spine area which cannot be reversed. Hugo was able to identify the initial problem together with what had caused it and was able to work his magic which improved my pain level tremendously. His explanation of the cause and what was needed to help maintain a healthier posture was easily understandable. I now do the exercises he gave me on a daily basis and it has much improved my flexibility and currently I’m in no pain. I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring the services of an Osteopath.
nelly mars
I visited Hugo with an on-going pain in my shoulder and neck. After three sessions, I feel very much recovered. Hugo is attentive and very professional. I recommend him highly.
Robert Thornton
My husband recommended Hugo as he recently helped him recover from a total knee replacement operation.Hugo was able to explain why my hip and lower back were in pain and provided a treatment programme that included specific exercises that strengthened and stretched relevant muscles.Hugo showed me how to do the exercises and provided helpful video links for me to follow. Thanks to Hugo I am now pain free.Margot Thornton
Haorong Qiu
Amanda Caddy
Nicky Mansfield
I would definitely recommend osteopathy treatment with Hugo. A professional yet friendly approach in a comfortable clinical setting. Hugo was prompt with admin requests and emailed video clips of home exercises as a well needed prompt!
J.-M. Peron
Hugo at the Osteopathy Partnership has been my osteopath for more than 5 years.I usually am problem free thanks to the home/office exercises he provides to help maintain mobility and prevent problems reoccurring.He is very knowledgeable and generous with his advice. In my recent "MOT" visit I told him I had taken up running and as expected after he had finished the treatment, he showed me new exercises to warm up before my run and others to help strengthen key muscles to improve my stride, running form and performance. Hugo is my go to osteopath and his continued support for my musculoskeletal health is second to none. I warmly recommend him to who ever needs an osteopath in the Kingston area.
Sam Ellis
I am so pleased to have found Hugo. I have seen him for a couple of issues and both times he has got straight to the cause. The treatment provided and the exercises passed to me have erradicated the pain. He provides clear explanation throughout.
Daniel Barnett
Hugo was simply fantastic! Went to him after getting a football injury and he has helped me massively. Would highly recommend!
M Taylor
I've been to see Hugo a few times now and always the same result - relief! Hugo gets to the krux of the issue quickly without jargon or fuss and works at 'fixing' you - quick. I also like the fact that he also does not push for multiple sessions like some i have seen in the past rather allows you to see how you feel and judge for yourself if you need further treatment. Hope I never have to go back but if I do I know I'm in good hands. Literally.
Olivia D
Hugo creates a welcoming environment and has been able to help me with both my back and jaw problems. I would highly recommend!
emmeline mudford
I had been suffering with agonising lower back pain for about a week and a colleague recommended I see an Osteopath. I saw that Hugo was highly rated and booked an appointment for the next day. From the first consultation Hugo knew what the issue was and gave me faith and reassurance that he would be able to fix it and he did exactly that! Hugo was incredibly thorough at each appointment, working to solve the issue and providing me with exercises. Three weeks later, the pain has completely gone and I feel able to start running again. If you are suffering with pain, I would highly recommend you go to see Hugo.Thank you again Hugo!
Nia Rowland
Brilliant personalised care taking into account my particular health concerns. Very friendly and safe environment for the treatment. If only I’d known about this earlier!!! 100% recommend
I came to see Hugo as I was suffering from tennis elbow. I had a very good course of treatment over a number of weeks including some shock wave therapy. This has helped significantly. Thanks Hugo. Would highly recommend.
Anne-Claire Bailey
Hugo is amazing. He has literally got me back up and running, and done what 6 months of physio had failed to do, all in just 3 sessions. Would highly recommend.
Eric Eric
Hugo recently treated me for a painful back problemUnable to stand up straightQuickly sorted this out , and now am right as rainHugo is an excellent Osteopath , always helpful and friendlyand would recommend Hugo to anyone who needs an Osteopath
Isa Milano
He literally saved my life. The first day I arrive in the studio I could barely walk and move because of sciatica and after only three visits I feel WAY better. You're an amazing doc!
Would definitely recommend this practice, all treatment explained and followed up thoroughly…..
Pete Taylor
Hugo helped me to recover from back pain with a combination of in person sessions and at home exercises spread over a number of weeks. I received links to videos demonstrating each exercise and the correct technique. This helped greatly. Hugo was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his services.
k mccarry
I was referred to Hugo by my golf instructor as I had a bad shoulder. I had a very good course of treatment over a month from Hugo who is experienced with golf injuries. I am back to golf with full movement of the shoulder & would highly recommend Hugo.
Cindy Lombaard
Prior to seeing Hugo, I've had no experience with osteopathic treatment. My introduction was excellent. I saw Hugo for problems I had with my lower back and neck/shoulder post an operation. The combination of massage and gentle adjustments worked like a charm. The pain was relieved and my general movements improved. I could run pain free for the first time in months. Hugo also provided exercises I could do to improve weak areas which improved my running form and meant I could go for longer without the pain I experienced before. On top of the treatment, Hugo is a pleasure as a person and made me feel comfortable. Would highly recommend you pay him a visit for any niggles.
Jon Rawson
Hugo helped me tremendously during a nasty bout of sciatic and also provided sound advice on how to ensure my body is more resilient in the future.Jon
Sarah Dyson
Philippa Bradley
Suffering from back and neck pain, I have recently had 3 sessions with Hugo which have significantly helped. He has also been great in following up with videos of specific exercises. Would throughly recommend Hugo
Gwen Lyon
I've been to Hugo over a few years with different issues and he always explains everything clearly, gets to the root of the problem and provides me with exercises to help in the future. Highly recommend going to Hugo for whatever you need!
Helen Sweeney
I went to see Hugo a few weeks ago suffering with pain in my ankle and lower back. I was really worried about the long term impact of a very flat and rolling in foot. Hugo took time and care to listen to me and carefully establish what was ‘going on’. After explaining what the issues were and taking me through some simple exercises and advice, I went away and was amazed at the almost immediate relief and improvements. Within a few weeks I am pain free and feel confident in how I can help my body moving forwards. Hugo’s professionalism and kind encouragement have been such a boost for my physical and metal wellbeing. I can’t recommend his services highly enough.
Raheb Almouaamen
When I initially sough treatment from Hugo for lower back pain, I was in excruciating discomfort. However, after undergoing four therapy sessions under his expert care, I experienced a remarkable improvement. The lower back pain I had been enduring decreased significantly, by an impressive 90%.allowing me to regain my mobility and resume my daily activities with ease. Hugo's skill and dedication have truly made a substantial deference in my well-being, and I couldn't be more grateful for his exceptional osteopathic care.
Rosie Ritmeyer
Thorough assessment and professional treatment in a relaxed environment. Fantastic follow up and advice via email.
Mikhail Liluashvili
Hugo is a great osteopath who has helped me and my wife with neck, back and knee pain over the last 5 years. Not only he knows the anatomy of human body well, but also he clearly explains to you what should be done at home to fix your problem.Even now, when we live far from Hugo's practice, we travel to see him whenever we have pain in our body as we are sure about the quality of the treatment.
Alex Ratnage
Very knowledable and helpful advice. Highly recommend.
Caroline Porter
Very professionalArrived unable to take weight on one leg. Immediate relief of acute pain then over the next few days gradual relief of chronic pain. Highly recommended
Bradley Hopkins
Hugo is a superb Osteo and a pleasure to visit. The work done during the sessions has alleviated acute pain due to an old injury, and the exercises provided to perform in between sessions has helped to maintain mobility. I would highly recommend Hugo.
Alfie Purdue
I went to see Hugo with acute back pain and sciatica which was seriously hindering an active lifestyle. Hugo helped explain what was happening and the reasons why it simple terms that I could easily understand and the recovery started almost immediately. After a few weeks and a few treatments I'm now back to enjoying sport as before armed with everything I need to understand how to stop the onset of back and muscular pain and improve recovery in general. Hopefully I don't have need for an osteopath again but if I do I will definitely be returning to Hugo!
Nat H
I cannot recommend Hugo enough. He is a great professional and superb at what he does. I have full confidence in his treatment and love the exercises he shares. He has your health as his key concern and I’m always think I should have gone sooner when I leave.
Blake Henderson
Incredibly lucky that I came across Hugo. Extremely knowledgeable, kind, diligent and most of all determined to get to root of the issue.
Alex Hartley
Hugo is a consummate professional - he’s taken the time to explain the treatment plan for a recent sports injury, and regular visits (and following the homework he has set!) have contributed to an accelerated recovery. One very satisfied customer here!
h p
Hugo has really helped with my lower back pain, thank you Hugo!
Laith Sami
I had a hip flexor problem. Hugo was really good. He treating my problem. Giving me exercises to do and it's working it getting better. Thanks so much Hugo.
Hugo is one of the best health professionals I have come across. Since he resolved my RSI, many years ago, he has been my first port of call for any type of pull or strain. He is very profession & personable and you can trust him to only recommend the right number of sessions…which don’t tend to be many with Hugo.I also choose to have a preventative check up twice a year. It is not the sort of thing I have ever done before but he’s so good I think it’s money well spent!
Grant Bishop
Hugo helped me through a difficult period post COVID double frozen shoulder and was an emotional and physical crutch. Using Neil Asher technique to get me pain free and then movement back very glad to have found Hugo can't recommend enough.
James Lloyd
Practical, professional osteo treatment with a detailed set of exercise videos to work on at home. I’ve been very impressed with the treatment from Hugo.
I've had long running back problems and finally decided to do something about it. Hugo was not only fantastic at relieving immediate pain but also provided a wide range of practical exercises to try and sort the issues out over the longer term. Definitely recommend!
I first met Hugo a couple of years ago when I had sever pain across my shoulders from breastfeeding and since then he's helped me reset my posture with simple exercises that easily fit into my day. He is no pressure,relaxed and very professional. I'd highly recommend his service,his clinic is clean and smart.
Kit B
Hugo was very helpful with regards to my sacro-illiac pain, it was excruciating when I first saw him but the gentle exercises and stretches he recommended all helped. He is knowledgeable, professional and gave very useful advice. His gentle, practical approach looking at the 'whole' person rather than just the injury also really helped at a time when the pain was debilitating. The rehab exercises he gave me, continue to help. He really listened and tailored the exercises to my needs. Would highly recommend Hugo.