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Medical acupuncture

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Medical Acupuncture

Hugo is a trained Medical Acupuncturist and offers it to his patients as an adjunct to overall osteopathic treatment.

Needles are inserted into Mysofascial trigger points that can be palpated through the skin. A patient may say that have painful knots that they can feel. The needle will illicit a local twitch response which is an involuntary spinal cord reflex in which the muscles fibres contract. These local twitches improve treatment outcomes by stimulating increased circulation to those taught, knotted muscle fibres helping to remove metabolic waste and promote healing, reducing pain through the release of naturally occurring opoids and reducing muscle hypertonicity.

Medical acupuncture in Kingston and Surbiton

The only Osteopath to go to in Kingston/ Surbiton!
Hugo's personal and tailored approach really help sort my back out !
Hugo was so knowledgeable and professional, it was refreshing ! He also provided advice and exercises to help stop it recurring

Mark W, IT Director