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Hugo Firth provides Osteopathy to Kingston & Surbiton residents to help return them back to health.

Osteopathy is a highly effective manual therapy and it is guided by a number of principles.

The first principle: The ‘artery is king’. That is to say that osteopaths believe that by improving circulation to joints, muscles, nerves, fascia and other tissue we can help the body heal itself.

The second principle: The function and structure of the body are interrelated. From a practical perspective this means that if the structure- the skeleton- is not moving as it should then the function of muscles, ligaments and tendons will be compromised, often leading to pain. The converse is also true. If muscles, tendons or ligaments are damaged then specific parts of the skeleton, such as joints, will also be compromised.

Osteopaths are therefore trained to treat every joint and muscle in the body not just the spine. Click here for all areas of the body treated by Hugo Firth at the Osteopathy Partnership

Hampton osteopathy specialist
Osteopathy treatment in Kingston

Osteopathy treatment in Kingston

Osteopaths identify the parts of the structure, most often joints, that are not moving as they should and mobilise them and return them to movement. In turn this allows the associated muscles, ligaments and tendons to return to normal function.

The third principle is that the Osteopaths treat the body as a whole. Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of Osteopathy in the late 19th Century, wrote of the ‘Triune of Man’. Mind , Body and Spirit and he taught that Osteopaths should be treating all three aspects of man’s health.

Hugo, as a modern day Osteopath, combines specific hands on techniques for improving muscle tissue and joint mobility with really effective and unique Functional 3D exercise therapy developed by the Gray Institute. These exercises help you relearn the most efficient way for a specific part of the body to move which maintains your muscle and joint optimal function.  Hugo provides a video resource of all the exercises at hi s Therapeutic Exercise Youtube channel. Hugo will also raise your awareness of how the stresses and strains of modern day life take their toll on our bodies and discuss strategies for managing them more effectively.

The only Osteopath to go to in Kingston/ Surbiton!
Hugo's personal and tailored approach really help sort my back out !
Hugo was so knowledgeable and professional, it was refreshing ! He also provided advice and exercises to help stop it recurring.

5/5 - highly recommended

Mark W, IT Director