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ShockWave Therapy

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Shockwave Therapy treatment in Kingston and Surbiton

Shockwave therapy treatment is now available in Kingston and Surbiton. It is also known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) and is a non-invasive way of reducing pain in tendons and muscles and kick starting the healing process. Unlike cortisone injections or surgery which are invasive and come with their own risks.  The treatment involves using a device to send small targeted pulses or ‘shockwaves’ through your skin to affect the tissues beneath, normally tendons and muscle fibres. The tissues respond by increasing the blood circulation in that area, blocking pain receptors so the patient has less pain , and kick starting the healing process.


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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy in Action. Kingston & Surbiton

Is Shockwave Therapy treatment right for me?

Osteopathy Partnership offers a variety of treatments for painful musculoskeletal conditions including Shockwave Therapy. This is often offered if the muscle or tendon has been painful for a number of weeks or months and is not healing.

In some cases the patient has been having Physio or been doing rehab exercises or just resting it on and off and it is still painful or flares up again when the patient returns to a specific activity eg. running or golf or tennis.

Injuries typically treated by Shockwave Therapy treatment

Hugo Firth combines Shockwave Therapy with Osteopathy at his Kingston practice He also uses 3D Functional movement developed by the Gray Institute of Functional Exercise Therapy to help improve flexibilty and strength in key muscle  groups and joints to help ensure the injury does not recurr. The result is highly effective therapeutic treatment for your injury with exercise programmes that really help increase your mobility and reduce pain.

  • Shoulder injuries including Rotator cuff tendonitis, Frozen Shoulder, Impingement or Calcification
  • Knee injuries such as Runner’s and Jumper’s Knee, ITB inflammation
  • Shin splints
  • Achilles tendon inflammation
  • Plantarfasciitis -Painful heels and soles of feet when walking
  • Golfer’s and Tennis elbow

What are the main benefits you can expect

The main benefits of shockwave therapy are fast pain relief and a return to the activities you enjoy pain free. As it does not involve surgery and there is no need for painkillers, it is an ideal therapy to speed up recovery and manage acute or chronic (long-term) pain conditions including tendon and muscle problems.

Here are  some reviews from patients that have had Shockwave therapy for shoulder problems at the practice recently. Hugo has had equal success for Plantarfasciitis, Achilles tendon and Runner’s knee and Golfer’s and Tennis elbow.

Michele B – Keen Golfer!

I hurt my shoulder about eight years ago whilst serving during a tennis lesson and, despite seeing a number of physiotherapists and osteopaths, it has never been the same since.  It meant I could no longer play tennis but in more recent years, I started having golf lessons and my shoulder seemed fine but then two months ago, whilst playing a short game, my shoulder started to hurt again and it meant not only was I reluctant to continue playing golf, it was also making yoga uncomfortable (something I do at least twice a week). 

I have now had four shockwave therapy sessions with Hugo and I have to say, there has been a marked improvement and I even had a golf lesson a few days ago and my shoulder has been fine since.  I am going to be having another few sessions with Hugo but don’t think I’ll need too many more.

I would definitely recommend Hugo to anyone with this kind of injury as I am sure you will, like me, experience a positive outcome.”

And Kevin McC- retired Airline pilot and amateur golfer

“I was referred to Hugo by my golf instructor as I had a bad shoulder. I had a very good course of Shockwave treatment  over a month from Hugo who is experienced with golf injuries. I am back to golf with full movement of the shoulder & would highly recommend Hugo”

Veronique K – teacher with Frozen Shoulder.

Amazing results from the treatment Hugo has given me with the help of Shock Wave Therapy on my frozen shoulder. The sound and pressure using this treatment felt strange initially but by the second session I got used to it and felt a definite improvement. I had already had a very painful frozen shoulder on the other side which took time to resolve and included a steroid injection and heavy pain killers throughout. This time, the healing using Shock Wave Therapy was so much quicker and I did not take any pain killers, anti-inflammatory or have an injection. After each session my range improved and I had better nights with less pain. By session 5 the nights were pain free and I could at last have a full night’s sleep. I would highly recommend discussing this treatment with Hugo.