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Sports massage

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Sports Massage in Kingston upon Thames and Surbiton

Post Training or Race Recovery

After a hard training session or race your muscles will be full of waste metabolites as a result of unavoidable anaerobic work. Massage can help remove the waste products through gentle techniques designed to improve circultaion to those muscles.

From an osteopathic perspective any joints that have also become stiff as a results increased tension in specific muscles can be mobilised too, helping to speed up the recovery time. Also osteopathic evaluation can help highlight any joint dysfunction that could cause injury in the future.

Speeding up the Healing Process

If you have been unfortunate enough to pick up a muscle or ligament injury then remedial massage can help. As the natural healing process gets underway treatment that improves the circulation to the inflamed area, removing inflammatory chemicals, and waste metabolites and introducing fresh nutrients and oxygen via the blood can be very beneficial. Then as the body starts to repair the area then the right treatment and exercise advice can ensure that the tissue heals in the best way along the lines of tension that the body would normally be under.

Combine this with an osteopathic focus and the joints and muscles above and below the injured area can be treated to ensure they are working optimally and thus taking any possible added stress and tension away from the injured tissue

Event Preparation

Normally a day or two before or even on the day of the race itself. This massage is designed in energise and invigorate the muscles and the person. Increasing circulation and enervating muscles.

Sports Massage in Kingston
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