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Osteopathy Partnership Services

Regain your Personal Best

Kingston and Surbiton Osteopathy Partnership

Osteopathy is well known for effectively treating both back pain and neck pain. However Osteopathy is equally effective at treating every muscle and joint in the body.

Hugo’s aim is to improve your mobility and this in turn leads to reduced pain. That could be in the area that is giving you trouble but sometimes the cause may be reduced movement in another part of the body.  He works closely with you to address this but also to help prevent the pain recurring through tailored advice and exercises. It’s a Partnership between patient and practitioner.

Pregnancy and Post Natal

Osteopathy can help in pregnancy in the second and third trimesters and afterwards as a new mum. Hugo provides gentle but effective massage and exercise programmes that can really help joint, muscle, back and sciatic pain. Ask Hugo for more details.


Osteopathy uses medical diagnosis and treatment to promote musculoskeletal health through changes to structure and function of the body. It improves joint mobility, circulation to muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue to give the body the best conditions to help promote the natural healing process. In turn the aim is to reduce pain and quickly return the patient back to health

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Sports and Remedial Massage

Hugo combines an osteopathic approach with deep tissue massage, stretching and muscle relaxation techniques.  And so he addresses the cause of the problem as well as the pain.

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Effective treatment can help:

  • Remove muscle metabolic waste after a strenuous training session or post race, helping to decrease recovery times,
  • Remodelling scar tissue post surgery or old injuries,
  • Decrease pain levels or
  • Prepare the body for an event .

Medical Acupuncture

works on the myofascial trigger points within muscles (tender points or sometimes felt as knots). The needle causes the muscles to release chemicals that reduce pain and increase the circulation to those cells and muscles. Research shows that it also reduces pain at the spinal cord and causes the brain to release natural pain reducing chemicals such as seratonin and endorphin. Hugo uses this as a highly effective adjunct to his overall treatment approach.

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Seminars and Workshops


For the majority of us our days are spent working and for many of us that is spent in an office in front of a computer or laptop. Gone are the days when we hunted and foraged to make a living- thank heavens- however there are draw backs!

Here at Osteopathy Partnership Hugo gives talks on how our posture at work can have an impact on our musculoskeletal system and cause aches and pains in our backs, necks, shoulders. These short presentations also give staff useful exercises that they can do at their desks or the watercooler during the day to help prevent the pains and aches occurring.

Sports Clubs

Hugo provides interactive workshops and talks that focus on injury prevention and increased mobility.

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Hugo from the Osteopathy Partnership gave me various types of useful exercises that I hadn't encountered before. Also, through sensitive manipulation (and helping me plant a firm belief that I could get me body back to where it once was !) I have more movement in my back/arm than I have for ages. Highly recommended

Adrian Woodford, Professional Musician