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Sports Injury Rehab

Regain your Personal Best


Regain your Personal Best

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation Kingston

Hugo Firth is a registered Osteopath (GOsc 8887). He combines his Osteopathic training with the highly effective Gray Institute Functional Exercise Therapy and Training. In this way he can identify areas of the body that are not moving as well as they could and what might be the cause of the pain as well as treating the tissue and joints involved. Hugo’s patients always leave with exercise ‘Homework’ that will visibly improve movement and be pain free.

Osteopath Kingston
Sports injury rehab in Kingston and Surbiton

Sports injury rehab in Kingston and Surbiton

Recurring Injury?

Hugo will analyse your gait, foot biomechanics, posture and spine as well as the injured tissue itself to find the root cause of the injury if it is a recurring injury or healing very slowly. Recurring injuries such as hamstring strains, achilles tendonitis, plantafascitis, shin splints, ankle sprains, calf strains, runners knee, tennis and golfers elbow, shoulder and knee pain, back pain, sciatica – all benefit from this approach.

Post surgery or trauma rehab?

If it is a trauma or post surgery rehab he makes sure that joints and muscles above and below the site of injury are working optimally to enhance the healing process. He then gives his patients the latest advice and help on how to manage the injury and improve the rate of healing.

Through his training in Gray Institute of Functional Exercise Therapy Hugo provides really effective rehab exercise programmes tailored to your sport that help you regain proprioception and muscles strength. So you are ready to return to your activity with less chance of reinjury.

I woke up one morning with a painful knee joint and having abandoned the idea of running that day, called Hugo to seek advice. He examined the joint, looked at my running posture and even checked my general health.
I was given some exercises to do at home and Hugo also stretched the muscles which contributed to the pain. Two sessions at his clinic and things are now much better. My knee joint feels easier and there is no more pain.
Very happy to have the problem resolved.

Richard Linton – Actor

I’d had lower back pain which was getting worse with every game of tennis. Hugo diagnosed and treated me quickly. I was back playing pain free tennis within two weeks. Would recommend him without hesitation

Richard Zambuni – Tennis player and Businessman