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Osteopathy and prevention of hamstring strain recurrence

By Hamstring, Prevention

preventing-ham-string-reoccurence-issuesOsteopathy and recurring hamstring strain prevention

The prevalence of hamstring strains amongst people who play sports that involves running and or jumping is high. Also once a hamstring strain has occurred the risk that it will happen again is much higher.
Research (Sherry MA , Best TM et al 2011) has confirmed what osteopaths have long understood that the angle of the pelvis and trunk strength often play an integral role in the strength of the hamstring and the prevalence of repeated strains in sportsmen and women.
Osteopathic treatment to realign the pelvis combined with therapeutic exercise to increase core stability and hamstring strength is a very effective way of addressing this.
I am going to share a recent case which illustrates how an osteopathic approach helped an amateur runner break the cycle of recurring hamstring strain.

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